NJWG is the guild token of Ninja’s World, which can be exchanged for ninja NFT, rewards in GVG and ninja NFT lease.

Name:NinJa World Guild (NJWG)

Contract address(BSC): 0x35B53FD8b244139669936a6c248639A428b9fDB2

Initial price:0.00025USDT

Initial Qty Issued:10,000,000 NJWG , No additional issuance, no private placement.

NJWF : Token for compensation

Name:NJW Finance (NJWF)

Contract address(BSC): 0x3Da164aC747f58D5699e1A289aACAB15eb4A7Fa3

Initial price: 0.0025USDT

Qty Issued:1,000,000,000 NJWF, No additional issuance, no private placement. NJWF is subject to a 6% commission for selling.

NJWC : Building a better Web 3.0 high-performance public chain

Name:NJW Smart Chain (NJWC)

Contract address(BSC): 0xd39c83bC286a53e82d11425A4c24a1DF31c0887E

Initial price: NULL

Qty Issued:1,000,000,000 NJWC, No additional issuance, no private placement.

Many WEB3 games have joined hundreds of communities to launch a new generation of public chains. Designed to better support Gamefi 2.0, DEFI, NJWC provides a new state of creation in consensus, smart contract design, system security, performance and decentralization, the combination of these beneficial technologies will provide a solid infrastructure to bring Web3 to a wider audience. More DEFI, Metaverse, Gamefi projects will be supported by NJWC.

NJWG and NJWF launch transaction donation compensation mechanism

Name:NJWG Insurance NFT, (NJWG NFT)

Contract address(BSC): 0x10D4321F1EC232404610a664Da8bC36e0ca268d0

Initial price: 100USDT/ NFT

Initial Qty Issued:with unlimited distribution and a total circulation of no more than 10,000.

NJWG Insurance NFT, powered by NJWG jointly launched with NJWF.

Participating in NJWG transactions, 45% of the profits of the profitable addresses will be automatically donated to buy NJWF and destruction of NJWF, and 100% of the loss-making addresses will pay NJWF at 1% of the daily USDT standard.

NJWG NFT Community Benefits

  • Can be compensated 1 time, compensation 1 time that is destroyed, destroy a sheet, you can new mint a sheet.

  • Hold the NFT generated losses of users in accordance with the daily 1% U principal compensation NJWF.

  • 1. NJWG worth 100U and above (calculated based on the opening price) + 1 insurance NFT address can enjoy NJWG dividends worth 5000U every day.

  • 2% of the commission generated by purchasing NJWG is distributed to all NFT holders every 10 days.

  • The address of NJWG worth 100U and above (calculated based on the opening price) + 1 insurance NFT will receive NJWC airdrops, 15% (150 million) of NJWC will be used for airdrops, 0.1% per day for 1000 days.

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