Advantages of GVG

GvG is short for Guild vs Guild. At present, most GameFi projects adopt modes like PvE and PvP whose gameplay are simple. However, GvG gives priority to team composition and arrangements.

The the gameplay of Ninja’s World GvG includes:

-Players can join any guild;

-Players can create their own guilds;

-The more members in a guild and the more Ninja NFTs rented to the guild, the more rewards will be given to the guild;

-Guild members can lease their Ninjas to the guild. The higher level your Ninjas and equipment are, the higher possibility for your Ninjas to be rented by your guild to join battles. Even if your Ninjas are not used in any battle, they can still earn you rewards as time goes by, and the higher level your Ninjas are, the more rewards you will earn. Those being used in battles will earn you much more rewards. The project provides a certain number of tokens (NJC/NJW) as GvG mining rewards.

-Users can upgrade their Ninja equipment, skills, and buy new Ninjas with the tokens; Guilds will be rewarded with tokens when winning a battle to enrich their equipment and improve the guilds.

-The GvG rank is critical for guilds to demonstrate their advantages and solidarity so as to attract new members to join the guild and be equipped with more Ninjas and game props.

Why is GvG the new trend of GameFi 2.0?

GvG makes the game develop from simple player kills to more interesting guild battles. It also integrates DeFi to make full use of NFTs.

For instance, a user of Ninja’s World has only 5 Ninjas, 3 of which are with lower rarity and the other 2 of which are with higher rarity needed by guilds. It’s hard for him to clear higher chapters and levels with the 5 Ninjas, so he can join a guild and rent out his Ninjas to the guild to earn tokens. With the tokens, he can upgrade his Ninja equipment, skills, and buy new Ninjas. The guild also gets the Ninjas it needs for battles at a low cost. A win-win situation is reached.

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