Ninja NFT

Ninja NFT Hairstyle, Intro
Contract Address(Matic):
Qty: There are 35 models to choose from.
20,000 NFT blind boxes + 20,000 regular Ninja NFTs
NFT blind boxes: 35 models of rarity ranging from 1 to 3. There are 750 Ninja NFTs of rarity 1, 500 Ninja NFTs of rarity 2, and 250 Ninja NFTs of rarity 3.
Regular Ninja NFTs: 16 models of rarity 1, with 1250 each. Contract Address(BSC):https://bscscan.com/address/0xa2d6ab4f00b4b8a2e38319168bd597ba33e88601
Qty: There are 35 models to choose from.
Initial NFT Supply: 100,000 Ninja NFT blind boxes
Blind boxes will include 35 kinds of Ninja NFTs with rarity ranging from 1 to 3. There are 3,750 Ninja NFTs of rarity 7, 500 Ninja NFTs of rarity 2, and 1,250 Ninja NFTs of rarity 3.
3 ways to create new NFTs: PvE and PvP drops, staking, training(breeding).
PvE Drops
The game has a total of 16 chapters. The odds to get a Ninja NFT blind box when clearing Chapter 1-9 are 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% respectively. When clearing Chapter 10-16, players can get a Ninja NFT blind box dropped for each chapter.
-Rules: Blind boxes are obtainable only for first timers clearing the chapters with a maximum of 16 boxes for individual game account.
Stake a certain amount of tokens (10,000 for now) for 30 days to receive 1 Ninja NFT blind box.
Open the blind box to get a Ninja NFT.
Every two Ninjas can create one new Ninja by training together, WHEN:
  • Each Ninja can train up to 6 times;
  • Each training costs NJCs (game coins), calculated as 500 NJCs * (Total training times of 2 Ninjas + 2).
    e.g. for a combined number of training of two Ninjas of 0, the NJC consumption is 1000; for a combined number of training of two Ninjas of 10, the NJC consumption is 6000;
    -The 2 Ninjas training together cannot be of the same Ninja ID. For example, 2 Narutos cannot train new Ninjas together.
    -The 2 Ninjas cannot train together if one is the other’s master within 6 generations.
    -A Ninja is able to start a new training at least 15 days after its previous training.
PvP Drops
First timers hitting the top 1000, 500 and 100 in ranking will receive a Ninja blind box for each;
-Each game account can get 3 Ninja NFT blind boxes at max.
Rules for creating new Ninja NFTs:
  • The initial NFT supply includes 35 Ninja models, and more models are available when new NFT blind boxes are dropped to players;
  • The list of NFT models might be updated each month on the 1st day;
  • The number of NFT models will not exceed 100;
  • Each NFT model has a rarity ranging from 1-3;
  • The odds of drawing Ninja NFT: (4 - rarity of the Ninja NFT)/total rarity of all NFTs made available.
    For example, the total rarity of the first 35 Ninjas is 60, the odd of drawing Naruto with a rarity of 1 is (4-1)/60 = 5%;
  • The quality of all newly created NFTs is 1. The attribute given to each Ninja follows the rules:
    There are 4 attributes: Skill, Body, Strength, Vigour.
    Each attribute ranges from 1 to 10, and the attribute of those initially supplied is 5.
    Ninjas created later will be given random attributes: The sum of 4 attributes is 20 in total which is randomized to the 4 attributes, with a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 1.
  • The ID of 2 master Ninjas which train together to create a new Ninja will be recorded. Master ID for Ninjas acquired through staking and PvE is 0.
Burning Ninja NFTs:
There is burning function recorded in the smart contracts;
Apart from equipment and NJCs, another Ninja NFT is burnt when updating a Ninja’s quality;
  • When the current quality of a Ninja ranges from 6-8, one identical NFT (of the same ID) is required to burn;
  • When the current quality of a Ninja ranges from 9-11, two identical NFTs (of the same ID) is required to burn;
  • When the current quality of a Ninja ranges from 12-14, three identical NFTs (of the same ID) is required to burn;
  • The burnt Ninjas will disappear as the burning function is executed.
Skills of Ninja:
  • Combat positions: Each ninja has different combat positions, namely: front row, middle row, and back row. The front row has higher defense and acts as a tank in the battle; the middle row is more average defense and offense; the back row has higher attack power but is relatively weak.
  • Combat skills: Each ninja has 5 combat skills. These skills include overall damage, controlling opponents, and healing teammates. Each ninja's combat skills are not duplicated. Combat skills can be upgraded by consuming NJCs.
  • PvE battles: Main level battles to get NJCs and equipment. Ninjas will also be drop when you are lucky.
  • PvP battles: Participate in arena battles to get arena ranking, arena season points, and token rewards settlement for each season.
  • GvG battles: Participate in guild battles to earn arena rankings, arena season points, and season settlement tokens.
  • Stamina recovery: Each Ninja will allow players to regain 3 points of stamina per day, up to a maximum of 60 points per day.
  • Growth: Ninjas have multiple ways to grow. You can gain experience points in battles to level up. When a Ninja wears equipment, he or she can be upgraded in quality.
  • Training: Training new Ninjas consumes NJCs.
  • Staking: Stake tokens to obtain Ninjas.
  • Trading Market: Trade freely.