Create a guild to mine

Create a guild, participate in NJC mining every day, NJC user ninja upgrade
Mining Rules
Reward is calculated in accordance with the number of members under a single guild * 20 + members of the NFT * 50 + member power * 0.01
10,000 NJCs rewarded per day.
Start date: February 14, 2022
End date: TBD
Power Calculation
Ninja combat power = hp0.1+atk0.6+def0.3+mp0.6+mpdef0.3+cri25+mpcri25+total_skill_level4
where hp=life, atk=attack, def=defense, mp=chakra attack, mpdef=chakra defense, cri=physical blast, mpcri=chakra blast, and total_skill_level=total skill level.
Squad combat power = The sum of all ninja battle power in the squad.
Player combat power = The sum of player ninja battle power.
  • Guild-A has 50 members owning 200 ninjas with a power of 50,000
    The weight of Guild-A is 50*20+200*50+50,000*0.01=16,000
  • Guild-B has 4 members owning 150 ninjas with a power of 40,000
    The weight of Guild-B is 40*20+150*50+40,000*0.01=12,300
The weight of both guilds is 16,000+12,300=28,300
  • The weight of Guild-A is 16,000/28,300=56.5%
  • The weight of Guild-B is 12,300/28,300=43.5%
  • Guild-A gets 56.5% of the NJCs, i.e. 5650 NJCs
  • Guild-B gets 43.5% of the NJCs, i.e. 4350 NJCs
NJC mining rewards are issued to the guild administrator daily, who will allocate to the guild members. The official address provided for coin transfer is
The format is
Address1, Token quantity
Address2, Token quantity
Address3, Token quantity