WEB3.0 Social + AIGC (Artificial Intelligence), AIPONG redefines WEB3 Social.
AIPONY is a Gamefi2.0 NinJa's Wolrd joint initiative with several communities and guilds for AIGC WEB3.0 social product, aiming to use AIGC (ChatGPT) for more Gamefi, guilds and communities. AIPONY has created a new AIGC Web3.0 social ecosystem.
2023 10,000x MEME token AIDOGE, PEPE, active live on mainstream exchanges.
MEME, representing AIDOGE, PEPE, BOB, etc., all up by tens and hundreds of times. Fairer and stronger consensus. The bull market is already here, only the wind has changed and it is blowing on the Hong Kong concept, the AI concept, the new meme concept and the brc20 concept. The space for these new wind gusts will still be amazing.
  1. 1.
    The official Twitter feed of Polygon (Matic), the world's largest Layer2 public chain, has accumulated 12 exposures.
  2. 2.
    YGG, the world's largest Gamefi guild, has been exposed for 2 consecutive times.
  3. 3.
    Huobi NFT official Telegram and Twitter exposure.
  4. 4.
    OKX official Twitter and official website with 8 exposures. Binance official APP home page, live home page recommendation accumulated 6 times exposure.
  5. 5.
    Gate NFT, home page, Twitter, Discord exposure.
  6. 6.
    The world's largest NFT aggregation trading platform Element home page, Twitter accumulated 6 times promotion exposure.
  7. 7.
    Coinbase shareholder live stream promotion.
  8. 8.
    Head of Polygon (Matic) Foundation live stream promotion.
  9. 9.
    2023 AIGC Circuit Project. AIGC Trillion Dollar Circuit (ChatGpt).
Official Information
AIPONY Token: AIPONY WEB3 Social Eco-Token
Circulation:10 billion pieces
  • 5%:Team, locked position for 12 months, 1/12th of each month.
  • 2.5%:DEX LP, 2% of the nodal LP pool , 0.5% of the foundation LP pool.
  • 2.5%:Community Building , Airdrop.
  • 30%:LP Mining.
  • 60%:Trading mining.
Nodal Private Placement: Take a fee split and a gift of 40% of the value of the LP.
1,000 nodes, 1000U per node (multiple nodes can be subscribed at the same time), first come, first served, the more you buy the more you share.
Nodes Equity:
Nodes divide the income of the node pool, configured with 40% LP, pledged for 200 days and released 0.5% per day .
Example: User A purchases 10,000U of nodes (10 nodes), receives a daily dividend of one percent of the node pool, and receives 4,000U worth of LP (locked for 200 days, 2,000U of AIPONY + 2,000USDT), and unlocked 0.5% per day (10U of AIPONY + 10USDT).
The initial price for going live with Pancake is 0.001U.
  • Buy-in fee 2%, 2% node pool.
  • Sell commission 6%, 2% nodal pool, 2% as pledge pool , 2% as buy pool.
60% Trading mining
2% daily buy + 6% sell commission equivalent of AIPONY airdrop to AIPONY holders.
90% is distributed pro rata to AIPONY holders in the form of bonus AIPONY.
10% is distributed pro rata to the invitee of the AIPONY holder in the form of bonus AIPONY.
The total number of rewards is 6 billion, with a daily cap of 5 million rewards, which will be mined out.
30% LP mining
Mining rules will be announced later ....
Buy-in Jackpot Play:
Fixed once every 1 hour: Orders with a purchase amount greater than or equal to 100 USDT are considered valid.
  • [Jackpot]: 40% of each sale continues to accumulate and 1 randomly selected user who buys wins the jackpot.
  • [Reserve]: 20% of every sale accumulated on an ongoing basis is used as a reserve in the recurring pool for the next round of prize allocation.
  • [Lucky Prize]: 25% of each sale accumulated each day is allocated to the Lucky Prize, i.e. the user with the highest unit price of purchase every 24 hours wins the prize (if the price is the same, the prize will be awarded in chronological order).
  • [Loyalty Prize]: 15% of every sale accumulated every day is allocated to the Loyalty Prize, i.e. the winning rate is calculated every 24 hours based on the percentage of coin holding users, the higher the percentage of coin holding, the higher the probability of winning the Loyalty Prize.
  • [Node Prize]: 10% of the winning amount is allocated to the node pool.
Pledge Jackpot Play:
Owner pledges AIPONY from 100,000 AIPONY (opening price 100U), participation deducted 2% (opening price 2 USD once), of which 1% as prize pool, 0.5% destruction,0.5% invitee.
Fixed once every 4 hour:
  • [Grand Prize]: 70% of each continuous accumulation, randomly selected 3 winners (the number of winners can be adjusted, not enough 3 people according to the actual number), according to the number of winners pledged to guess the prize AIPONY for equal proportion of the winning prize (to encourage everyone to hold AIPONY), not winning the prize (subject to deducted 2%) returned.
  • [Loyalty Prize]: 10% is allocated to the loyalty prize each time (6 people win every day), and the winning rate is calculated according to the percentage of coins held by all the people who pledged to guess the prize, the higher the percentage of coins held, the greater the probability of winning the loyalty prize.
  • [Reserve]: 20% of the continuous accumulation each time + 2% of the selling AIPONY commission for this time period, as a reserve for the circular pool, to be used for the next round of prize pool allocation.
  • [Node Prize]: 10% of the winning amount is allocated to the node pool.
Introduction to AIPONY NFT
AIPONY NFT : No upper limit on the number of issues, AIPONY WEB3 social eco VIP credential, holding AIPONY NFT, you can enjoy more AIPONY eco benefits.

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