GvG Guild Functions

GvG Guild Functions

Guild play is divided into guild worship, ninja rental, GvG battle, and guild shop.

Guild Worship:

Guild members can worship, once a day, other members whose level is 3 levels higher than their own. Worshipers can get a reward for themselves, while there is no reward for those worshiped.

  • Free worship: Get 3 points of stamina.

  • Spend 25 NJCs to worship: Get 6 points of stamina.

  • Spend 50 NJCs to worship: Get 9 points of stamina.

Ninja Rental:

Guild members can place their ninjas into the mercenary camp for others to rent at the cost of NJCs, each guild member can place a maximum of 2 ninjas.

The cost of renting each ninja is: 10+ninja level/3+(ninja quality-1)*2+(ninja rarity-1)*10, rounded to the nearest whole number.

When a ninja is rented by another player, the leaser's gain is: ninja level/3 + (ninja quality-1)*2 + (ninja rarity-1)*10. 10NJCs will be deducted by the system.

Guild Shop:

Use guild merits to exchange for rewards such as equipment, gold, and PvP season points.

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